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Fort Whiskey

About the Book

A compelling story of vengeance, justice, and passion set during the Civil War in Arkansas. A young man is forced to choose between duty to his family and what is morally right.

Three brothers witness the brutal execution of their abolitionist father in the hands of three southern slave owners. A pact between them was then formed. They must hunt down and kill their father’s murderers.

Young soldier Willis Reed returns after the Civil War bloodbath, yet the pact between his brothers haunts him. His brothers are eager for revenge and sees themselves as judge, jury, and executioner.

Will he remain a righteous man, or will he seek retribution?

David Banks

About the Author

David Banks is a preacher for the Rena Road Church of Christ in Van Buren, Arkansas. He was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in 1967 and has served as a minister and preacher for the past twenty-five years. David is also a volunteer firefighter, craftsman, and substitute school teacher in the Alma School District.


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The title “Fort Whiskey”, is in reference to Ft. Smith, Arkansas. In 1865 the city of Ft. Smith did not have a lot going for it. It had a few local businesses and it was a small but growing community. There was one business though that was out doing all the others – the saloon business. Ft. Smith had about forty saloons at that time. Also, during that time, it was a federal crime to sell liquor in the Indian Territory. Many broke this law and were hunted down and arrested. A few notable gunfights broke out over this. Because of all of this kind of activity, people facetiously began to refer to Ft. Smith as Fort Whiskey.

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